Aluminum Shims

Aluminuml Shims - multiple slots, iregular bolt hole pattern, anodized, Grades 2024 and 1100 Color Coded Aluminum Shims, Grade 1100 Laminated Aluminum Shims with special contour and smaill Bolt holes, close tolerance Anodized Aluminum shims

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Common Aluminum Grades for Shim Applications

Grade 1100 is a relatively low strength, essentially pure aluminum ( 99%). It is noted for excellent welding characteristics and formability along with good corrosion resistance. It cannot be hardened by heat treatment.

Grade 1145 is similar to Alloy 1100. It offers comparable ease of formability with an increased concentration of aluminum (99.45%).

Alloy 2024 has superior strength due to addition of copper and good machinability. Is is widely used in the aerospace industry. Added copper makes 2024 less corrosion resistant.

Alloy 3003
is an alloy that has very good corrosion resistance and higher strength than Grade 1100 due to the addition of manganese. Grade 3003 is not heat treatable.

Alloy 5052
has excellent corrosion resistance and good formability and weldability. 5052 is not heat treatable.

Alloy 6061
is arguably the most widely used aluminum alloy due to the balance between strength, corrosion resistance, and machinability. 6061 is heat treatable.

Color Coded Aluminum Shims

Certain thicknesses of Aluminum shim stock is available in colors to allow users to tell the thickness easily.

Thickness in inch Color
.002 Red
.003 Green
.004 Tan
.005 Blue
.007 Natural
.010 Brown
.015 Pink
.020 Yellow
.025 White
.030 Coral

Laminated Aluminum shims

Thickness of shims made from laminated aluminum shim stock can be adjusted in the peeling off one layer of lamination a time. Following description of the aluminum laminated shim stock material is based on AMS-DTL-22499. Other specifications include BOEING BACS40- series, BELL 120- series, LOCKHEED/BOEING 5PTC series, VOUGHT NORTHROP GRUMMAN GS and CVC series.

Material (Composition 1):
Alloy 1100 conforming to QQ-A-250/1, temper H19 or
Alloy 5052 conforming to QQ-A-250/8, temper H19 or H39

Type 1 - All Laminations
Type 2
- One-half Solid Stock
Type 3
- Three-fourths Solid Stock

Class 1 - .002" Laminations
Class 2
- .003" Laminations

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